Thursday, June 19, 2008

i keep faith

There's a big, mostly unused ski hill sitting in the middle of Centennial Park. To get to this park when running, I need to cut through the woods behind my house and then follow an unpaved pathway along a creek, over a bridge, and around a construction site, all the while praying to god I'm not seconds away from being mauled by any of the (sub)urban coyotes and wildlife in the area. Did I mention that I only run at night? I only run at night. I run with ipod on full blast and only scattered (sub)urban moonlight to guide me. I like it, though. I tend to run faster when I'm fearing for my life.

So this hill. Tonight I veered in the middle of my normal route and decided to run up to its top, where I had a complete view of the bright lights of downtown (and some of the gta's less bright spots). It's a beautiful thing. And then in the distance I saw this weird honey-coloured light in the shape of a half circle. And I stared at for a long time, trying to figure out what exactly this light was and why it was located so high up in the black sky: maybe a splatter of far-away glare from the cn tower? maybe an electrical station? maybe a new sign for a Texaco station? It took me roughly five minutes to figure out what I was staring at.

It was the moon. My sparkling gas station in the sky was actually just the moon. I ran home fast down that hill.

And in other disturbing full moon news (be forewarned), this man now qualifies as one of the hottest bachelors in the world:
You were warned.